Our Loss is Your Gain…

Delicious Tamales from

Sabine Creek Ranch!

(Check below for an important message.)


Since we started Sabine Creek Ranch, we have sought to provide the best food possible for our guests. While our team in the kitchen does a great job for camp and retreat meals, most people don’t get to experience their true specialty…authentic, homemade Mexican food. So we decided to let them show off a little!

For a limited time, Jose, Rosa, Thomasa, Monica and the rest of the crew will be making tamales from their family recipes. Since our experienced, licensed staff and state licensed and inspected kitchen have unexpected availability, we will be firing up the kettles with the perfect blend of pork, chicken, spices, and hospitality. These delicious tamales will make you happy…seriously! We will have them available for convenient pickup at select times and locations in the Rockwall area.

During the temporary furlough of camp business, your purchase will allow our staff to continue making income, while also allowing your family to safely enjoy the best comfort food in Texas. What a great combo! Why not get extras for the freezer or to deliver to a family member or friend who would really appreciate it? While our gatherings are small these days, our community can grow larger as we provide care and friendship in the days ahead.

Tamales aren’t the answer for everything…but they’re a great start! Order yours conveniently online today!

Anyone have a source for one of these?

With so many restaurants, equipment suppliers, and personnel out of commission, we thought one of you might have a connection to help us get a used mixer. This is a Hobart 20qt Centerline mixer and it would really help speed up our process. We already use smaller mixers, and don’t really have the space or power available for a bigger one, so this is perfect for the job. This would need to be a tax-deductible donation to the camp as there is no margin for equipment purchases right now. If you happen to have a resource to make this possible, please reach out on our behalf or let us know. Thanks!

Thanks for your prayers and support. As our ministry at Sabine Creek Ranch is based upon groups of people coming together, the Coronavirus event has had severe impacts on our Spring schedule. We would be grateful if you could help us weather the storm with a donation of any amount. Thank you!
What about food safety?
Sabine Creek Ranch holds a Texas youth camp license and undergoes a thorough sanitation inspection by the Texas Department of State Health Services at least annually. This inspection includes our kitchen, but goes far beyond that of most establishments to ensure the safety of our guests. During the current situation, we have implemented additional safety protocols to ensure the highest standards available. Tamales are fully cooked via steaming and you should also reheat them to at least 165 degrees. While restaurant dining rooms have been closed in many areas, pickup and delivery options are still acceptable.
How will pickup work?
Based on demand, our staff will prepare the tamales as soon as possible. Making them from scratch requires time and skill, so we’ll make them as quickly as possible without sacrificing taste and quality. We will contact you with a time and location for pickup in your area or other options.
More about Sabine Creek Ranch
Founded in 2003, Sabine Creek Ranch was voted “Best Camp” in Lakeside Living magazine in 2019. Many organizations offer “camp” programs with no state licensing, inspections, or other required oversight. Learn more about Sabine Creek Ranch, our founders, history, and why we believe camp is important for every child and teenager. Click here!