Springfest FAQ’s

1. Can we bring payment for activities and food the day of the event?

Yes, to help our check-in process, please collect the money before your check-in with everything counted and ready to present.

2. When is my registration payment due?

No later than one month after you register and receive a confirmation from us.

3. How much does SpringFest cost?

With activities: $150 per group performing, $15 per student for unlimited activities, and $5 per student for a meal.

4. What percussion do you provide for bands?

We provide 19″, 23″, 26″, 32″ Timpani, 1 Bass Drum, 1 Xylophone, and 1 set of Bells. We DO NOT provide sticks and mallets.

5. What do you provide for choirs?

We provide choir risers (5 sections with 3 steps), CD capability and an 88 semi-weighted keyboard for the performance hall. Warm up location will only have CD capability and no keyboard.

6. How many songs should we perform and how many copies should we bring for adjudicators?

Each group should prepare 2 selections and be sure to bring 3 copies per song for our adjudicators.

7. What is the cost for directors, bus drivers and chaperones?

Directors and bus drivers have no charge (unless you wish to purchase a soda or candy from our canteen). Chaperones have the same fee as students. However, they only need to pay for activities if they so wish to participate.

8. Is there a separate warm up location?

There is a separate warm up location. It is located approximately 20 feet from the performance hall. If a BAND is 80 members and below you may use this warm up area. If your band is 80+, we will provide some extra time and allow you to warm up in the performance hall prior to the performance. (Judges may step out so that you can warm up with no judging eyes.)

9. What should students wear? Are there water activities?

The only water activity is canoeing, provided it is not too windy. Students do not need swimsuits in order to canoe. Dress code is up to each director but we advise students wear anything they can easily have a great day in at a ranch with awesome activities!

10. What activities are available?

Canoeing, rock climbing wall, zip line, Screamer swing, GaGa ball, volleyball, Human Foosball, basketball, Wrecking Ball inflatable, All Sports Inflatable, Horse Trick Riding show, Ranch animal meet and greet, hayrides, archery, soccer, and a Canteen/Trading Post to purchase candy, soda and many more items.

11. When do you open and close each day?

We open at 9AM and close by 3:30PM. All buses must be off the property no later than 4PM.

On our Saturday, we will have two sections of the day. The first half will be from 8AM-1PM. The second half of the day will be from 2PM-7PM. Limited space for our Saturday. It will be first come, first served.

12. What happens if there is bad weather?

The show will go on! Performances will still happen in our indoor performance hall. Depending on the severity of weather, our staff will determine if we will close down activities for the day. In other words, light rain is no problem! In the event we must shut down activities, we will provide passes to another event near your school to be used in the months ahead.

13. Do you provide refunds in case of bad weather?

Registration fees are non-refundable, but depending on each situation, we will determine whether all other fees will be refunded.

14. Do you require a liability release form for every student?

By law, we require every student to have a liability release form signed and turned in to us on the day of the event. Students will not be allowed to participate in any activities if they fail to have a liability release signed and turned in.

15. Are spectators allowed and is there an entrance fee for spectators?

Spectators are more than welcome to come and enjoy performances. There is no spectator fee but if they wish to participate in anything additional, fees do apply.